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Featured Artists of Halele'a Gallery…


Jamie Allen

Jamie R. Allen is a fine artist living on the island of ‘Oahu. Jamie’s original mixed media pieces are a visual delight with an incredible use of color, composition and feeling! Jamie’s Hawaiian-inspired landscapes are created with environmental objects from both land and sea. Through an intricate layering process, Jamie’s focus is on subject matter […]

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Carol Bennett

Carol Bennett Artist Statement 2015 My ‘Women in Water’ series comes from a personal place: I swim seven days a week, and while I don’t consider them self- portraits, I am the swimmer in the paintings. Nor do I consider myself an athlete; this is a spiritual practice that is integral to my work. As […]

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Melinda Morey

Melinda Morey was raised on Kaua‘i and has spent much of her life in or near the ocean. The ocean is an endless source of sustenance and metaphor for the artist, as well as play. Melinda was also a dancer, beginning at the age of six and continuing into her 30s. “In art school, I […]

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Brenda Cablayan

Brenda is a painter living on the island of ‘Oahu, Hawai‘i. She started her career as an illustrator in commercial art before turning her attention to fine art. Her paintings capture the ever changing light and colors of the island landscapes. Living in Hawai‘i has been a wonderful experience for the artist, with the colorful […]

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Leanna Duncan-Wolff

“Although art and design have been the epicenter of my life ever since I was a child, I don’t necessarily feel that I chose to be an artist as much as it chose me. It was Hawai‘i that brought a dream into reality. “Composition and color are my primary inspirations as I work through each […]

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Jenifer Prince

“I paint outside because I want to capture the light in a particular moment … a moment that has captured me somehow with its beauty. I am trying to express my joy, my awe, my love for what I am painting and each time I go out to paint I discover something new. Painting is […]

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Pierre Bouret

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Saim Caglayan

Saim Caglayan was born in Istanbul, Turkey, and came to the U.S. in 1968 to study architecture. After three years, his interest changed and he went on to complete his BA degree in Sculpture from California State University, Long Beach. He continued his education by taking graduate courses in art at California State University, Fullerton, […]

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The glowing images painted by Pepe evoke a feeling of serenity. Pepe’s work offers a glimpse of true Hawai‘i by objectifying moments of warm light and an enduring love for the beautiful ‘aina (land). His focus on the movement of light shows Hawai‘i in a unique and alluring way. Pepe is self-taught and has quickly […]

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Licia McDonald

Licia McDonald is a talented ceramics artist with a studio on the North Shore of Kaua‘i. Her focus on unique and organic forms, as well as bright, bold colors makes her work come alive. “Clay is a unique and distinctive material. It is fluid and sensual and very responsive … until it’s not. Once it […]

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Kim McDonald

Best-selling fine artist Kim McDonald‘s lush, evocative island paintings have earned her comparisons to Gauguin and other “primitivist” Impressionists. Her primal flowing seascapes, night skies and island beauties seem infused with an older, deeper rhythm, borne from earlier times, when natives worshipped nature and lived in harmony with the wind, the waves and the scattered […]

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