Leanna Wolff


“Although art and design have been the epicenter of my life ever since I was a child, I don’t necessarily feel that I chose to be an artist as much as it chose me. It was Hawai‘i that brought a dream into reality.

“Composition and color are my primary inspirations as I work through each one of my pieces. To be able to combine energy with serenity not only dictates the subject of my work as well as describes the way I go about my life!

“As I begin each each piece, I like to imagine the wall that awaits it and will be influenced by its presence. With a background in Interior Design, my intent is and always has been to inspire people’s day to day lives through the spaces in which they live, work and play.

“Through my art, I feel I have an opportunity to do this. Each canvas should be able to stand alone with life, color and texture creating interest, but together present an unabridged impression of the beauty this world offers us each day.