Licia McDonald

Licia McDonald is a talented ceramics artist with a studio on the North Shore of Kaua‘i. Her focus on unique and organic forms, as well as bright, bold colors makes her work come alive.

“Clay is a unique and distinctive material. It is fluid and sensual and very responsive … until it’s not. Once it dries, it crumbles, and that is a very precarious way to create. Clay teaches, and to be successful, you must listen. My challenge, my excitement, is to capture the beautiful sensuality that exists in its raw state, and retain those characteristics in its hardened, fired final form.

“My work is meant to be a celebration of life, inspired by the unique and wonderful forms found in the natural world. The interpretation is not literal. My hope is that my forms portray the feeling, movement and sensuality of life.

“I am especially intrigued by the fine line that exists between beautiful and strange. I feel this line is represented well in nature.”